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What is a localvore?
Localvores are those who incorporate a significant amount of locally-grown or -raised food into their daily diets. Usually they define 'local' as originating from within a specific distance of where they live, typically within a certain radius (say, 100-150 miles) or within their particular region. The principle of localvorism can be applied in varying degrees from person to person - some may make exceptions for out-of-season crops or for things like coffee and spices, while others may restrict themselves only to what they can find in their area regardless of time of the year. The important thing, of course, is that every little bit helps.

Why eat local?
- better health. Local food requires no processing or preservatives because it doesn't have as far to travel to your plate. You get the freshest food available - it's tastier that way! Plus, you get to meet the people who grew or raised your food and ask them about their farming methods, and perhaps even visit their farms and see for yourself!
- better local economy. Buying from local small farms means that your money stays in and benefits your community, rather than going to some distant corporate entity.
- better ecology. The closer to home your food originates, the less fossil fuel is consumed in getting it to your plate. Many foods cross countries, national borders, or even entire oceans before they arrive at the grocer's! Frequently, locally-grown substitutes or alternatives to long-distance food can be found. Eating local conserves fossil fuel while reducing the amount of greenhouse gases added to the atmosphere, and local food requires no packaging to boot. Plus, many small farms now use organic farming methods, which have a much smaller ecological impact than do conventional methods.

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