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Featured farm: D Acres

Name: D Acres
Location: Dorchester, NH

While they do appear at local farmers' markets, D Acres is primarily an educational endeavour rather than a commercial farm. Their mission is to teach others about organic farming, forestry, sustainability, and environmental impact, with a focus on methods of particular importance to local geography. In addition to having an actual working farm featuring many different crops, they host a variety of workshops and other events about farming techniques, food preparation methods, reusing household/forest materials in farming and gardening, and more.
My introduction to D Acres was by way of their Farm Feast Breakfast, which is held on the first Sunday of each new month. For a suggested non-mandatory donation of $10 a head, they offer a hearty menu including pancakes, sausages, kale, eggs, and a whole host of others - most of it grown on site! And, of course, they offer tours of the farm itself, where you can see various organic and sustainable farming and living methods being put to use at any time of the year.
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