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Oh, look, a welcome message...

Hello, and welcome to localvore!

This is a community for discussing all aspects of eating locally - whether you have a question to ask, a recipe to share, a farm to recommend, or anything else of interest. I'm trilobites, and I hail from the Connecticut River valley, so any specifically local input of mine will thus have a VT/NH bent. Wherever you're from, though, feel free to jump in - someone else in your area might be browsing for locally pertinent information! Using tags will make browsing easier, so please do so. :)
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I'm delighted to have found your posts. I'm also very interested in the issue of local food. Here in New Mexico, there's no agreement on what constitutes "local." Definitions that work elsewhere in the country don't necessarily work for us, because of our severe water issues. I'm bringing this up because I think it's an important part of eating locally; what really makes sense in a given community? Our state is largely high desert with a green river valley running up the center, and had been inhabited by native peoples continually for over 7000 years. They always treated the valley as their foodshed, and that still makes sense to me. Something grown 250 miles away may be more "local" than something grown 50 miles away, if the latter involved intensive irrigation that isn't viable in the long term.
Hello! Sorry, I just now noticed your post here.
Anyhow, you bring up a very good point. One of the main reasons I for one decided to try localvorism is the environmental benefits thereto, and it may very well make more sense in that light to opt for something that came a bit further away but was grown with maximum consideration for reducing ecological impact over something with much closer origins but that was grown via far more ecologically-taxing methods. (This perhaps demonstrates the importance of getting to know one's local farmers and gaining familiarity with their farming methods.) As you've stated, there's no agreement as to what defines 'local' - be it a distance radius, a regional limit, or some other factor - but if one's primary motivations for eating local include environmental reasons, then, yes, this is definitely something to consider.
Thank you!