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Featured farm: Cobb Hill Farm

Farm: Cobb Hill Farm
Location: Hartland VT

Cobb Hill is actually an intentional co-housing development, founded upon the ideas of sustainable living and of community. Those who live there actively participate both within Cobb Hill itself and within the greater Upper Valley community. In addition to environmentally-sound housing for its members, the community includes the Sustainability Institute and an organic farm. While the farm consists of many separate enterprises, perhaps the best-known to the general Upper Valley public is its cheese.

Cobb Hill offers two kinds of cheese, both made from raw Jersey cows' milk and vegetable rennet: the Welsh-style Four Corners Caerphilly and the Alpine-style Ascutney Mountain. And, yes, they are distinct from one another, but both are indescribably delicious. In fact, the Ascutney Mountain easily rivals any of the cheeses I tried while in France - yep, it's that good. The Cobb Hill folks have a regular presence at the Norwich farmers' market, which starts up next month, so if you're in the area, stop on by and give the cheeses of Cobb Hill a taste... but be warned, for chances are you'll want to take some home with you!

P.S. - Happy Earth Day! It's good for the environment to eat local!
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