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Featured restaurant: The Farmers Diner

Name: The Farmers Diner
Location: Quechee VT

This is a nifty little diner located off of Route 4 near Quechee Gorge. The primary attraction of this eatery is that most of the ingredients used in their menu items - vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat, even the condiments - comes from local sources, and what they can't get grown locally (like, say, coffee) they obtain from locally-based companies, organic sources, or free-trade organisations... and frequently, any given source fits more than one of these! So pretty much no matter what you order, you're endorsing at least one good cause.
Because of the diner's location in Quechee, the prices are a little high, but the taste of the food is well worth it - especially if more eateries take up the idea to get their food from local sources, as well!
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